Commodore C64 Cartridge

Commodore 64 – 16K Games Cartridge PCB

This page accompanies the YouTube series Designing a Commodore 64 Games Cartridge series that shows you how to design, layout and build your own Commodore 64 16K games cartridge.

The images below are taken from PART 2: C64 Cartridge PCB Layout Using KiCAD and are meant to help you layout your PCB.

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Schematic (pdf)


PCB – Rear Copper (viewed from top – through the PCB)


Copper Rear
Copper Rear


PCB – Top Copper


Copper Top


PCB – Top and Rear Copper (viewed from top)


Top and Rear Copper


PCB – 3D Renders


Top of PCB with silkscreen and no components


Top of PCB with components (reset switch not shown)


Rear of PCB viewed from underside